By entering into this agreement, you hereby acknowledge and accept the following terms in full. Please be advised that these terms are not negotiable!!!


1. All 'in person' interviews with Alex Cameron (hereafter 'the artist') are to be held at AMF Bowling, Randwick. Notification of interview times will be provided via telephone no less than two hours before commencement of said interview.

2. All interviewers will be required to dress for the occasion. The artist is uncomfortable around inappropriately dressed people. Failure to dress for the occasion will result in immediate discontinuation of the interview appointment.

3. The interview will be conducted over two entire rounds of bowling. Whilst conducting interviews, interviewers are not permitted to participate in any bowling related activities.

4. Under no circumstance should an interviewer mention Alex's teeth. His teeth, their size, and his gums are a very sensitive issue. Should the interviewer mention the artist's teeth or mouth or look at that area of his face, then the artist may discontinue the interview appointment at his discretion.

5. When engaging the artist in conversation, all eye contact should be avoided. To assist you in avoiding eye contact, we recommend you wear sunglasses.

6. After the two rounds of bowling, the artist will spend around 25-45 minutes in the video game arcade area playing 'Street Hoops', which is a basketball shooting contest. Interviewers are welcome to stay and observe. Questions are not permitted during this time.

7. Under no circumstances is an interviewer to provide the artist with any amount of money, regardless of how small the amount is. Requests for money by the artist should be politely declined.

8. Under no circumstances should an interviewer ask questions concerning the artist's side project, Seekae.

9. Interviewers are encouraged to ask the artist about his business partner, Roy Molloy.

10. Interviewers are encouraged to ask the artist about his high school basketball stat line.

11. Interviewers are encouraged to ask the artist about his potential as a professional basketball player in High School.

12. Under no circumstances should an interviewer ask any questions or draw attention to the artist's physique.