When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?
I knew I wanted to be an entertainer ever since I was a boy. There was a magic in it. I could always time it with the best on Television. I knew when the punches were coming. So it was never some great mystery to me. Hell I'm more comfortable on stage than I am at a dinner table or on the couch. Don't get me started on the couch. What a piece of junk Yank invention. My heart never beats right sitting on a couch cause it knows that I'm wasting my Goddam time.

Although it was probably sometime when I was trying to figure out how to make women attracted to me that my desire to make music really hit home.

I was pretty sure I wasn't gay, you see, so for that reason I had to make up a a part in my life for a woman to be attracted to me.

MyAlso when I was very young there wasn't much good on TV during the week so my folks would put on CDs of music by all type of song writing fellers and the soundtrack to Forest Gump. So music became a part of my life. I would just sit there on the carpet looking out the window imagining an oddly well dressed man in white makeup climbing over all the neighbours fences coming to get me slowly and I would be terrified believe you me.

My mum said to me real young that musicians were real special people that could make you want to do all types of crazy junk.

Describe your sound
I make music you see. It's music what is based around words.

You got that?

So the words are important. You gotta listen to the words or you just gonna drop right off the side of the world talking about 'Who does this remind me of?' like some 2nd grader playing memory with their decrepit fish mouthed music teacher.

I made all this damn record in my studio 'The Ken Den'. I made it on synthesisers and drum machines and guitar. So that is where the sound came from.

The record is a story about all which ways you can fail and believe me you are going to one way or the other. I wanted each track to allow for a story to be told. The music is ground floor. The words take you up to the lookout.

And how about this? I wanted the record to sound like failure so you can all ready yourselves for it because it has arrived for you – you just haven't noticed it yet.

So what influences you?
These questions are a shambles.

Look at that question some type of idiot wrote that? That's what you do to musicians when you ask these questions. So don't think just because you got some gig writing for an online 'Zine' that you can just go around talking about influences with musicians. That isn't right. That's a lack of tact. You got it?

You need some damn respect - you ask a musician for some opinions or thoughts. What makes you think I want to talk about myself? I hate myself. Didn't you listen to my damn record? No? And now you're asking me these questions? That is some lazy Goddamn journalism. Get a hold of yourself and do your research and read my FAQ page.

Make something of yourself for a change.

What type of activities do you like?
I like fishing. I don't go as often as I should. My old man one of the best fisherman going round. He caught a great white shark and he doesn't even talk about it. I have to talk about it for him. He also caught a great big marlin. He has a matchbox full of teeth.

I like watching sports. That's not really something a lot of musicians are into so I have to find my own crew for watching sports. We watch all type of sport. I can appreciate the entertainment value in watching a group of steroided up millionaires running at each other full tilt in a game that has certainly been fixed by the mafia. That is entertainment, and that is why I like it.

I read too. And I write. Check out my written works page for some of my writing.

Also I play basketball. I play Point Guard and swing man. I am Six feet three inches tall. So you can imagine that in high school I was considered quite the player. I averaged 9.4 points, 4.5 assists and 7.3 rebounds a game and was vice captain of my high school team. I was considered to be of professional pedigree until I broke my wrist trying to make an in game slam dunk play in 2005. Also I failed to put on weight as predicted which may have impacted on my decrease in stock.

What do you think of the local scene?
It's a shambles. The music scene in Sydney has gone to pieces.

No one turns up to anything worthwhile and it is driving the production value of shows down. Venues are closing and the only inspiration kids are receiving from the radio are teenage idols who sit behind laptops and play music that sounds like the intro to Totally Wild.

You ask me? You need to make it entertaining. There is skill in that. It is sad to see some of the best live acts we got being ignored. And most people who work in Radio have no cahunas. They make me sick these people who got all the infrastructure but they got no heart. They are small time.

So why did you decide to give your album away for a limited unspecified time?
I have decided to give my album away for free on my website: alexcamerononline.net.au because I will be printing batches of vinyl to sell at my shows and everyone would have found a way to download it anyway because none of you have any goddam respect for guys like me. I already said it on my website.

All you people have prioritised other things over paying for music because you had the choice. You have made that decision and forced people like me into this pathetic format.

So why is it that you only offer high quality MP3 (MPEG 2 AUDIO LAYER III) versions of your album "Jumping The Shark" but not FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) versions of your album "Jumping The Shark?"
I never heard of any FLAC players. Just these damn iPhones you have these days that play MP3 music and you can sms.

I never knew my parents to put the phone next to the stereo. So that combination confuses me. You want to listen to music in constant anticipation of receiving phone calls and internet invites to pathetic parties? You people are creeps you got it all wrong.

I will be printing Vinyl for anyone who has any substance.

So what do you do outside of music?
I work.

I work forty hour weeks and then some on weekends.

I work as a clerk for the government in an agency I cannot disclose. It is to do with corruption though so I seen how far the rabbit hole goes. You are all in the dark and I am not I seen everything.

Then on the weekends I pound pizza dough all night with Roy Molloy. I also used to get behind the wheel and deliver but the feller who owns the massage parlour next door ran into my car and now I gotta take the bus. That punk hasn't returned to the scene though so if he's reading this I got you all figured out you scum nobody I'm waiting for you pal I seen your family and Roy reckons you are a rat.

What do you think of the internet?
The internet is a sham.

Pornography is terrifying.

Email is a hoax designed to shrink your brain.